Sunday, June 02, 2013

Secret Project Moped caught on camera

We caught one of our humble crew outside 
doing more testing.
                                              49cc of  awesome four stroke power
                                         Surprisingly pulls grades without any strain at all
                                         with a 200 something pound rider. On flat roads
                                         and slight hills it just hums right along.
                              This L'il Gem is also quiet, way less than your typical lawn mower.
                              The off road tires make more noise than the engine.

                                         This little engine will get around 150 mpg to a tank full
                                          which is only , what? A couple of quarts of fuel.
                                         This model is equipped with automatic transmission.
                                        Take off may take some assisted pedaling but she runs
                                        near forty five so we need to slow it down to thirty five
                                        for the street. Although for racing she'd be perfect.
                                         Throttle on right, rear brake lever on right handle bar, 
                                         front brake on left of handle bar.

                                           It's hard to get pictures when Billy keeps taking it
                                          for more test riding. Well he says it's testing but
                                          I think it's just because it is so fun to ride plus cheap
                                          to operate. It's also fun to see people almost break
                                          their necks in passing cars and scooters to wonder what it is.


Dar said...

Wooley that is definitely cool! I bet it's fun to ride too, I think I'd be 'test driving' a lot too.

Trobairitz said...

Well that looks like fun!!

Now to catch him so you can do a test ride.

WooleyBugger said...

It is fun to ride and so surprisingly quiet. I'm amazed at how well it pulls hills.

Thanks, it is. I was able to snag it and make a few rounds with it. We have other prototypes near completion and Billy even has a drag bike look in the works. Maybe the salt flats will be a journey for it.

Billy Jones said...

I promise, I'll bring it back to the shop when I break it...

This one is really kind of thrown together for testing to see how well it holds up. If people could see the plans in my head and see what Wooley, Steve and I are putting together I think they'd be amazed.

We really dodged a bullet as the State of NC almost legislated us out of business but then backed down.

And let's not forget, we're using as many American made parts as we can find and only 4 Stroke engines.

We have a website at that will be highlighting our work in a month or so. In the meantime folks can enjoy the story about the talking motorcycle.

Billy Jones said...

PS. Wooley doesn't blow his own horn much. He's got a pretty wicked 50cc chopper under construction as well.

WooleyBugger said...

Billy Jones,

Yep, now that the two prototypes are together for testing I need to get on the chopper. Think I'll do away with the big fat front disc for the time and go with a larger rear.