Thursday, July 04, 2013

Motorcycle Wet Weather Travel Tips

No Wet Feet

My boots are a combination of leather and man made materials and once leather gets wet it stays wet for hours. Even with a change of socks, feet will soon be wet and this can lead to Trench foot. The condition can start in as little as thirteen hours and lead to bad foot odor. But for most of us, riding with wet feet is a hassle and uncomfortable.   

                                Many products are available, but I find this one works great.
                               The propellant is environmentally friendly according to the label.
                             Use it on your boots, jeans, tents, gloves, riding jackets made
                              Leather, Nylon, Canvas or a combination of materials.
                              We hit some good rain on our last trip and my feet stayed nice and
                              dry as well as my gloves which was a first for me.


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