Thursday, July 04, 2013

Keeping Gear Dry on Motorcycle Trips

Keeping Dry Gear On Wet Trips

                                  I have had this set up for a few years now and it works.
                                  It's been road tested and keeps everything nice and dry
                                  which is a load off your mind when the wet stuff tries
                                  to find its way to soak everything you have. Keeps
                                  morning dew off as well.
                                      I can pack all this in one of the larger "American Camper"
                                      water proof bags. A pair of jeans, T-shirt, socks and
                                      boxers or briefs ( not shown for your safety ).
                                    Lay the jeans and other clothes out as in the first photo.
                                    Then stack and fold them up in a square bundle. Place in the bag.
                                        Now fold the extra bag flaps in, leaving the Velcro
                                        ends exposed. Put the Velcro ends together making sure they
                                        are sealed up flat all the way across.
                                         All done and extremely water tight. It will keep the rain
                                          out and if for some reason you ride into a pond or
                                          stream, at least you will have dry clothing to wait on the
                                      Now stuff everything down in the water proof stuff sack.
                                      Clothes, tent, sleeping bag, anything you wish to keep dry.
                                     Roll the top down as tight as you can and clip the buckle ends
                                     together. The buckle ends form a tight seal and a convenient
                                      carrying handle. It fits very nicely on the storage rack or
                                      Sissy bar. The bag is pretty tough and resists punctures
                                     or road scuffing should it come loose. This keeps saddle bags
                                      available for quick access for things like water, food, maps,
                                     cameras and frog togs.  
                                     Got these above locally so these bags are older and still do the
                                     trick but here is an online store with the same sort of bags.
                                      Most camping and outdoor places should have what you need.


Opus T. Penguin said...

Happy Independence Day!

Trobairitz said...

Good tip on wrapping up the clothes in something water-tight just in case.

Stuff sacks (and compression stuff sacks) abound in our house, we have several for moto-camping or just multi-day trips on the bikes without camping.

KT Did said...

I use just baggies and they sure aren't good enough. This looks great! Thanks for the great tips!

WooleyBugger said...

Nothing like having dry cloths and fresh socks, not to forget sleeping bag, after a down pour.

KT Did,
Baggies have been good in a pinch in the past for me, but these bags truly do the trick and are much thicker mil for toughness. Have not tried it yet but the stuff sack could double as an emergency bear bag device.