Saturday, July 06, 2013

Indians New Engine

Back several years ago I wrote an Article called "Hardley - Davidsons seem to be coming from everywhere these days." Hardley Davidson was what I had called these clones everyone was building back then. I was writing for Garage Choppers and thought it funny how people with littler knowledge thought everything with a V-Twin was a Harley. Bike shows would find someone ogle a bike with an S&S engine and call it a Harley Davidson and it got to be a sort of joke at the GC compound. After I wrote that people began using the Hardley Davidson moniker and still do to this day. I wonder if TAM from the old Chopperweb remembers, he sold CW so I can't ask him.
Here is the archived article I saved to my blog here:

I also wrote, in the same article, about how Indian Motorcycles were using the same S&S type engines in their new Indians, and how I thought they should  have taken an old Indian mill, revamped the innards, stuffed it back in the old style cases, thus making the engine really an Indian engine. They have done that now, wonder if they had read my article and took my advice. Even if they had I suspect they would never admit it, But that's okay, it'll be my and Stephen Julius' little long as the checks keep coming.
I am happy though, really, to see Indian is still chugging along and the new engine actually excites that something in my gut. Feels like it's the spirit of the original Indian that seems to have crept back making the bikes soul finally come alive as it should be. Will I ever get to actually ride one much less own one? Probably not. Though I do happen to know where an original 1947 perfect original chassis is waiting for me.


Big Daddy said...

It's the first bike engine that I hav seen in a long while that excited me,,,if the rest follow through,,,I may just have to get one!

Webster World said...

Go to Cyril Huse blog on this engine. Has two vidios of it at the salt flats.

KT Did said...

Indian demos in Sturgis. Im not going, but can't wait to hear how they ride.

WooleyBugger said...

Webster World,
Thanks for the tip. I've also seen them on Gary's blog "Flies in your teeth"

KT Did,
Would not mind seeing a Demo and doing a test ride. Would love to take one out on the Mountain twisties round these parts. I can only imagine the crowd it would draw.

WooleyBugger said...

Big Daddy,
Myself as well. It gives butterflies in the stomach doesn't it.