Sunday, July 21, 2013

New Computer Took A Dump "Update"

[Update is we seem to be getting the shuffle around now from Lenovo. Tell us a tech will be here Tuesday and they have the part, then call and leave recorded msg today that part is on back order with no time as to how long. Call them and get the shuffle from one to another then when it's just after 8 pm tell us the customer service dept is closed. The Lenovo is only four months old.
I'm on a borrowed Apple at the moment and it's pretty nice.]

My new Lenovo computer has taken a dump, the promise from them is to have a tech here Tuesday to fix it. I can't even log in to my gmail from the one I'm on and I have business to attend to. The computer is under warranty so the circuit board better be fixed for free, but my thoughts are they should be here early on Monday instead of Tuesday sometime.
They seem friendly enough about fixing it, this we shall see.


mq01 said...

oh no... sorry wooley. comp probs suck... hope they fix it fast for you!

Trobairitz said...

Hope all goes well with the fix. We really are at the mercy of computers these days.

WooleyBugger said...

they were scheduled to come fix it tuesday, but called and left a"recorded msg" saying the part is back ordered. This, after they said Sat. that they had the part and tech would be here tuesday. Recorded msg tells you nothing more, so how long is the wait.

I hope so too, we seem to be getting the shuffle around now tonight from them.
Tell you what, this Apple I've borrowed seems to be pretty darned nice though.

mq01 said...

ive been using a macbook recently too. and this, after having been exclusively pc since the dawn of computers! ;) im kinda digging it too...

sager said...
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