Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ironheads and Two lane blacktop movie

Planning my next ride for fall in North Carolina. We're going to have photo ops at some movie magic locations. I've found the location of the ending restaurant scene where Laurie Bird, the girl riding along with James Taylor in the movie "Two Lane Blacktop", walks out and see's a young guy on a Sportster, drops her duffle to hop on the bike and they ride away.
After that we'll ride over to the Dam where Taylor rides past in the 55 Chevy, and where Harrison Ford's character in the film "The Fugitive" dives from the Dam to escape capture.
 Still want more? Then we'll take a trip down the road from the Robert Mitchum movie "Thunder Road." Then perhaps I'll have found locations from the movie "Nell" with Jodie Foster on the Cherohala Parkway before it was opened.

Interesting note; Did you know that two of the Two Lane Blacktop 55 Chevy's still exist? The camera car has been restored to it's movie glory which was used in the interior shots of the movie. The second one was the car used for the out side shots and was later restored as a show car.
Both the second and third cars were later used in American Graffiti as Falfa's ride, Harrison Ford again (strange how he and the car have been in the shadow of each other) and the third stunt car was the one wrecked in the movie with Harrison Ford.   

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