Friday, August 02, 2013

Lenovo Think Centre, perhaps we might rethink this.

I was so happy and impressed with this Lenovo Think Centre computer when I got it. Though now I am having a bad taste in my mouth about it. Not because of the unit per say because it has a great warranty, but rather how some of the employees seem to think this a funny, and we don't care attitude problem.
The Techs we have seen though are very helpful and want to fix this problem right. One even came again on his own trying to resolve the issues with the towers Bios.

Okay, we have had two, count them two former IBM computer techs here trying to find what is wrong. They tried five different mother boards and Bios still won't work correctly. They have tried to fix this for over a week. Then finally it is decided they are going to replace it for us because after all the time trying they and Lenovo support have no idea what is wrong. The suspicion is that they got a bunch of bad mother boards installed in the units. Sounds good right? Well they sent an empty box to return the bad unit but still have not sent the new tower.
Wife was on the phone with them for several hours being switched from one person to another. One guy even laughed at her I was told. Finally they told her there was no new unit but instead we are supposed to send the 4 month (get that 4 month old unit) for repair but nah, that is not what we were told by the tech. So here we sit.
I'm trying to find a way to contact Dr. Peter D. Hortensius of Lenovo here in Raleigh. He is the President of this side of the states and is the man at the top for the Lenovo brand. We have a warranty, a damned good three year one at that but this run-a-round from them is a bit troubling to say the least. The Techs however seem to be top notch and really working with us to resolve the

Here is the info on Dr. Hortensius


Canajun said...

"Bad mother boards"? Really? Isn't quality control supposed to catch that? Lenovo needs to step up and fast!

WooleyBugger said...

The Tech that was here has been with IBM since 1975 and said he's never seen this problem before, what with replacing the mother board so many times only to have it mess up the BIO each time. They want ours to tear apart and dissect but they won't get it until we have a replacement here. Funny how they sent the return box for us to send it to them very quickly but no new tower.

Canajun said...

If multiple MBs have been tried and the problem persists I'd be checking the power supply - inconsistent or spiking power can damage a MB as well as corrupt software. However once you get your new machine it will be their problem to sort out.

WooleyBugger said...

They checked the processor but not the power supply. Seems like my son asked them but was told it wouldn't be the problem. Have to ask them about that.

Trobairitz said...

Wow, you have really had troubles with that thing. Sure hope they can figure it out without giving you any more conflicting stories and attitude.

I am not good with IT and computer stuff, it is why I use Macs. Plug them in and go. Well either that or I have been really lucky with our problem free iMac.