Sunday, August 04, 2013

New Old Seat

New Old Sportster SeatI've searched high and low for an original factory seat for my 1975 Ironhead.
Finally found one to replace my current solo saddle. There were three seats available, a hi-Lo in black, a Hi-Lo in brown, a low seat in black (which is the most copied one) and a King/Queen seat (I have one), mine new one is the Hi-Lo in black.

                       This seat is in almost perfect condition for a 38 year old specimen
                    Only a slight imperfection probably from being stored for years with something on it.
                    It is missing the front bracket to attach it to the bike, but had all
                    the original H-D parts I need to finally get it mounted. All & all this is costing just at
                    $100. For some reason I've decided to put my old Ironhead back to almost original
                    condition. Aside from the fuel tank it's running, the hope is to get it back to the way it
                    was when new.
                    Still looking for original exhaust system but really want the optional exhaust
                    offered. A windshield was found with all the hardware but the seller backed out
                    deciding to keep it. The next elusive part on the list is the center stand.

                    As it is, the parts for the seat should be here Monday. Keeping fingers crossed.
                    Sure hope this new seat is kinder to my butt bone than the solo has been.



WooleyBugger said...

I'm using my broken Lenovo to post this and it's making the page crazy.

Trobairitz said...

The page looks fine from here.

Sounds like a great score on the seat. I like the idea of taking it back to mostly stock. Hopefully you'll be able to find all the parts. Good excuse to go to swap meets I guess.

erlgie belleno said...
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WooleyBugger said...

It looks fine?, okay then, cool.
Found all the seat bits I needed, just hoping I like the feel of it as it sits different than the solo I had on there.