Monday, August 05, 2013

Old Dude Harley Parts  Harley Davidson Parts

    I ordered these parts from Old Dude in Lilburn Georgia on Thursday afternoon last week, true to his words everything arrived today.
 My new foot peg covers are the real deal genuine H-D replacement parts, not those cheap aftermarket ones. The cheap pair I bought two years ago didn't last a full eight months. The cheapies looked great at first but had no logo on them and early on began splitting; I've had to wrap electrical tape around them so as to keep them from falling off. They were all that could be found at the time.  
Here are the needed parts to put my new found original seat back on the bike. Top left is the front seat bracket, directly below is the seat pin, below that is the clip that goes with the bracket to clip over the seat pin. While placing the order, I went ahead and purchased two new H-D oil filters (on the far right for the old Ironhead, these are becoming increasingly hard to find.

In the age we are in for finding parts for our antique Ironheads, and good service, olddude renews faith with quick service, do what they say attitudes, and at a fair price. They made getting this old Ironhead back to how I want it a snap. 


Webster World said...

I'm old school and like HD pegs and such. Like the rubber in the kicker. Some new stuff is cool but I'm old school and it took some time for my HD riding sons to except that haahaa

Billy Jones said...

Glad you found them!

WooleyBugger said...

Webster, I like the stock pegs the best so far. Had some aftermarkets with the O-rings that kept losing the O-rings, makes for some slippery foot perch points.

Billy Jones, yeppers, me too.