Monday, August 05, 2013

Ironhead Factory Seat Bracket

Ironhead factory Seat Front Bracket

 Mounted the front seat bracket and clip onto the seat. The very front threaded hole was slightly buggered. Took a 1/4 X 20 course tap and took care of that little problem by chasing the thread.
 Here you can see a better view, bracket is underneath in the dull black. The clip, in glossy black, is on top on the right. I had to make a compromise on the four bolts for the front. Factory spec bolts are 1/4 - 20 X 5/8 with 1/4 lock washers and 1/4 X 1/2 X 1/16 flat washers. Flat washers are supposed to be only on the two bolts on the left of the picture, but me being me I put them on all four.
I could only find 1/4 - 20 X 3/4 for these; don't think it will be any big issue and I sprung for stainless steel washers. 
This is the rear mount for the seat and it calls for a 1/4 - 20 X 1 bolt, a 9/32 X 1 3/8 X 1/16 washer plus a 1/4" lock washer. Bolt is correct but had to use a 1/4 fender washer.  None of these fasteners are parkerized . I could get a kit to parkerize my own bolts but maybe that's in the future.
Hopefully tomorrow I can remove the solo seat and luggage rack to get this baby mounted.
I'm stoked about this as only fellow riders can have a clue to. Happy tail bones ahead.

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