Monday, October 28, 2013

#2 What Going Through A Police Road Block Looks Like! #2

These are the sort of idiots that cause trouble for the rest of us. It's why we get looked upon in a bad light, it's why insurance goes up. If you look at their other videos you see idiots riding the wrong way, doing "Stunts", cutting other traffic off, impeding the flow of traffic. Basically a total disregard for everyone else on the road, they think they own the road. Keep riding like this and the road will own them and they will be whining for help as their "friends " abandon them and ride off. You know why they do this? Their boyfriends say they have very tiny peckers.


Dar said...

These guys are temporary citizens at best and they need yo remember cops are like ants, where there is one there are many and eventually they radio their friends and they'll get caught in the ant trap.

Canajun said...

I think the worm has turned. It used to be Harley riders that were the supposed bad guys; now it seems sports bike riders are the ones most likely to flout the law. These guys are jerks and a-holes, and they'll get theirs eventually.

Trobairitz said...

I often wonder what it is that tempts they ass-hats to ride and behave that way. Selfishness? A cry for attention? Weaned to early? They obviously don't care that they give motorcyclists a bad name.

WooleyBugger said...

Dar, and the riders forget that those tags tell tales. Just because they run the road blocks does not mean they won't find a road block at license & tag renewal time, or a nice home visit.

Canajun, Good point. As long as the ass hats keep drawing attention we get to just enjoy hassle free ride time.

Trobairitz, Does make you wonder, but I think it's a lot of what you mention above.