Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lynyrd Skynyrd - complete concert from Winterland 1975

Once upon a long time ago I played guitar, this is the band that really got me to want to play. Knew all the songs and I practiced all day in summer and four to five hours every day in winter. Taking breaks to ride motorcycles then back at it. I still remember playing when it was so hot sweat was burning into my eyes, but the damn beat went on.

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KT Did said...

Boy do I remember the Fillmore West and Winterland. Winterland had Tuesday Night Jam Nights and it was a mix of bands. Grateful Dead was common. I saw Petty, Hendrix, Neil Young, Steve Miller. Santana and so on and so on. All for just $2 a show. Great times. Glad I can say "I was there". Thanks for the memories Wooley!