Sunday, February 08, 2015

E-Cig Holder

E-Cig Holder

Made this model in the shop today.

It's an E-Cig holder, they are supposed to be stored upright when not in use.

Would look fine on an executives desk or yours so it won't tip over and great to use when recharging it too.
I know, it's not a motorcycle part but my wife wanted one and gave me a drawing to work from she did. I took designers license and changed a few things and this is the result. When I use to work a lot with wood, the wood at some point would dictate the final outcome of the piece as you worked it. Same with metal it seems, as I was working it, the metal turning process will materialize and my mind would go "Hey, you should do this and that.." and a picture of the finished product would enter my brain. Kinda cool how the metal works with you like that. Maybe it's because I'm happy and relaxed when I get in my shop to create something from a mundane piece of material, it's even better when it works out the first go-a-round.   

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