Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Collet Chuck For Smithy 1220 XL

Collet Chuck For Smithy Lathe

Sure, boring for you but exciting stuff for my shop. This new 5C collet chuck for my Smithy Lathe is just the ticket for precise making of parts.

I cleaned it up from the packing grease with Charcoal Lighter fluid. Lighter fluid is great at removing grease, sure, those big companies don't want you to know that. 
 Here is a three quarter collet installed for me to play around a little bit.
Turned this test piece, forward, back, tapered, faced and grooved to see how well this collet setup would work. It worked perfectly. I have a collet stop as well to aid in quicker load and finish time when making motorcycle parts now.  
Picture of parts packaging for small parts. I noticed the misspelling only now as I look at it. Gotta fix that 'eh.


Trobairitz said...

Did you do your best imitation of "Tim the Tool Man Taylor" as you fired it up for the first time?

WooleyBugger said...

LOL, how'd you know.