Sunday, July 31, 2005

Help with a Magazine start up would be appreciated. I am a writer for which is a small web magazine for home built choppers and more.

I would appreciate any help that anyone could provide in helping with getting a small 60 to 80 page bi-monthly magazine in print. That is close to the same format as Garagechoppers theme.

I have been looking at printing companies that will print it up after it is all layed out. I have not found one in North Carolina as of yet so I may have to farm it out further to one of the ones I found.
This would be an independant magazine without using one of the huge publisher/printers out there.
If you have tatoos, long hair, beards and a great love of doing your own work on your own bike and ride it, your what I want. Course you don't have to have all of those but we have to make a living to and why not do it; doing what you love.

Ads would need to be sold
Writers would be needed
An editor would be needed
Someone who can give advice on the printing and setup would be needed
People to write jokes
Tech writers
People who go to events and would sub-mit articles about them.
Etc Etc Etc

Nuther words, I need a mentor and someone to help get this off the ground. If you can help or have something productive to ad please send me an e-mail at

This would be a non-flashy type of magazine like the old days where actual readers rides would be inside and stories and travels, places to go, how to get there and more.
If your looking to get rich fast this isn't going to be it for you because this is just a start up. But maybe we can get it off the ground and put a little coin in our pockets as well to keep us afloat.


MB said...

So what do you do musically? And how did you get started writing? I'm interested in the profession.

Princess Petunia said...

Hey - thanks for leaving a post on my site :) I actually thought you were my sister. :)

WooleyBugger said...

Your sister??? If you ever visit the magazine I write for, you'll definately see I'm no sister. LOL

She must be messing with you a bit huh.

Thanks for the reply and I hope to see more on yours too.

MeanDonnaJean said...

"If you have tatoos, long hair, beards and a great love of doing your own work on your own bike and ride it, your what I want."

If ya get (got) any bites don't be stingy now.....cuz that's precisely what *I'm* lookin' for too! ;-)

Hey, thanx for the recent comment. I see ya've been around here a helluva looooooong-ass time. Feel like spillin' yer secret to bloggin' longevity? Is it just a matter of dumb luck 'n a lack of nuthin' better to do? (cuz if so, I've gotta whole lotta THAT goin' on so I outta be in like Flynn! :-)

WooleyBugger said...

Ref the quote: Hahaha, Well, I don't think I'm looking for the same reason you are MeanDonnaJean. You posted way down here , are you reading all of these posts?

Yep! Been blogging for a long time. I was writing for a magazine before it went belly up and while doing so met an author of several books and newspaper articles while at a party. There were several musicians there to including Tony Rices wife whom was talking to this fellow near me. I was talking to a friend and this big long bearded grey haired rough lookin man turned around and made a quick witted comment on our conversation. (Don't remember what now) He knew who I was but I did not know him but later he introduced himself (he'd read my articles and later we had a business venture together)and wanted me to do some writing for him on his web page and I did. He got me into blogging as a way to keep writing, especially to help with writers block, while writing my stories. And, I've been doing it ever since to keep from getting to rusty.