Thursday, December 28, 2006

Chopper Web

First let me say that I finally made the purchase of a guide book my friend Billy Jones, Blogging Poet, told me about last year. He knows that I am trying to get my magazine off the ground but I suspect maybe he's scared to embark on anything like this at the moment. He did however turn me on to two books to help me along; only now did I find the names of them crunched up deep in the cobweb covered leather I call a wallet. I went over to Barnes and Noble books to get a copy of at least one and found they don't stock it. It also seems I was told this before, last year sometime, and put off ordering one. Today though, I bit the bullet and put in my order for one of them. There just isn't much help on the web for the answers and guidance I'm looking for. It should arrive at least by the tenth of January if not before. Already paid for it in full so there's no worries there. The magazine design is already made up and the plan down on paper and I think I have my printing figured out, well... At least for the first issue or two.

Now about the site. While searching through some of my articles and other info in my old GarageChoppers files I came across the site again just tonight. To be honest, after all that has been going on I'd completely forgotten about the site. I remembered visiting there but just for the life of me could not remember the name.
This was a rival site of sorts to the GC site I was writing for at the time. We had a somewhat different format than CW and not anywhere as much as they had. The site is huge and it's easy to get lost in there with all that's going on. I mean, you could spend all day on the site and never come close to reading everything that's there.
It is a great place to go to and talk chopper talk and damn near anything else you want to talk about motorcycle wise or political or what have you. Tam runs the show and it was his brainchild to begin with; he's done a hell of a bang up job with it to. He had even offered me a place to present my writings when I was with GC but I turned it down then. I was close with our little group at GC and didn't want to leave as I enjoyed it so much there.
Finding the site again and having a visit brought a smile to my face. It almost felt like I was home again knowing that some of the same people are still there and it was good to see them.

But the best thing I can say is you need to go and check them out yourself to see what I mean. There is tons of great info and motorcycle people to talk to over there. If you need a tech question answered it is also the place to go...Really. Anyway, just go and have a look around and tell Tam that Wooley Bugger says Howdy.


Biker Betty said...

Best wishes and good luck putting your magazine together. I know you will announce it once it's available, so I will keep an eye out here.

Happy New Year, Betty :)

WooleyBugger said...

Thanks Betty. I've been chipping away at this for some time now. The first issue won't be flashy but informative and somewhere around sixty pages.

(Info for anyone reading post)
Being that funds will be tight I'll only be able to pay $20 or so for motorcycle travel stories, event coverage/articles that I use. There are already three contibutors so there will be a shelling out when mag is printed.